The easier way of living!

Join my 1 on 1 coaching to train body and mind with me.
Lose fat, gain muscle, and experience a whole new life through achieving your dream physique.

Better looks, better feel, better life

You will experience a new way of approaching training, nutrition, and how to smoothly adapt a healthier lifestyle. All while enjoying the process and enhancing your life, not taking away from it.


You have personal contact with me over Telegram and the ability to ask any question 24/7. Wish to change something or need further specific advice? Let me know and I’ll answer you personally.


Everything is completely personalized to your specific needs. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to health and optimizing your human potential. You will get no cookie cutter and copy&paste approach from me.


A healthy mind in a healthy body.
This coaching is not only about looking good or like a bodybuilder. Work on nutrition, sleep, mindset, hormones, and a healthy environment is all included.

Let me show you some of my client’s results

Before and after taking Marcels coaching


Before and after taking Marcels coaching


Before and after taking Marcels coaching


Before and after taking Marcels coaching


Before and after taking Marcels coaching


Before and after taking Marcels coaching


Before and after taking Marcels coaching


Before and after taking Marcels coaching


Before and after taking Marcels coaching


What people have to say about me

  • Beautiful young lady in gym clothes

    Motivating Coach!

    Marcel is the right person to talk to for holistic health. Health can be much more far-reaching than sports and nutrition.
    In addition to help and quality tips for effective training and healthy nutrition, he shows you which habits in everyday life can also contribute to your well-being and how you can optimize your physical appearance beyond training. I have also been able to get some good impulses for my mindset through him.
    He simply provides a lot of tangible knowledge that helps to positively influence body and mind in the long term and is still super motivating, always responsive to questions and responds individually to you.
    Marcel is a great recommendation for anyone who wants to get the best out of themselves and is looking for competent support! :)

    Beautiful young lady in gym clothes

    Leonie W.

  • Fit and aesthetic man with huge shoulders

    Dedicated, competent and helpful!

    I moved to L√ľneburg with sporting ambition and interest. However, I lacked a goal, for which I did my hours of training. I met Marcel, who, as an outgoing and curious person, first gave me an insight into weight training and ignited the fire in me to take part in a competition.
    He took the time to coach me, to give my training a structure and above all to make my training more effective. It was important for him not only to sell his knowledge by means of a training plan, but also to give me as his client as much as possible along the way.
    His experience and motivation helped me a lot to prepare ideally for the competition and to complete it successfully. It is clear to see that Marcel is not only concerned with shaping his clients physically, but also mentally.
    Because only an athlete who is mentally strong can also perform physically. And only an athlete who feeds his body the right nutrients can perform both mentally and physically. How this is connected and above all works, he will tell you and makes you fit in the truest sense!

    Fit and aesthetic man with huge shoulders

    Karl P.

  • Athletic women flexing her shoulders and arms

    Individual PT for everyone who wants to get strong

    Marcel takes care of his clients individually.
    Training, nutrition and lifestyle are a holistic concept for him and he addresses the personal wishes and needs of his clients in his coaching. Marcel designed a training plan for me that was tailored to my Crossfit and running training. This allowed me to improve in both disciplines and, above all, to finally increase my strength levels, which had been stagnating for ages. He was always available for me and provided me with a lot of helpful feedback. An absolute recommendation for anyone who is looking for personal training tailored to their needs and wants to get strong and fit.

    Athletic women flexing her shoulders and arms


  • Man with six-pack flexing his biceps

    Goal-oriented, competent and committed

    In October 2021 I became aware of Marcel and followed his Telegram channel since then. On the channel I had the feeling to be informed purposefully, sensibly and reasonably and therefore I decided at the beginning of 2022 to join a coaching to overcome some “blockades”.
    After an initial meeting at the end of January to get to know each other, we agreed on the period of coaching for the beginning of February to the end of April 2022.
    For my part, I unfortunately did not formulate the goals of the coaching consequently and thus certainly left some potential unrealized; in general, I was mainly interested in (1) breaking bad habits and (2) building productive routines. I was able to partially break the bad habits, and partially build productive routines.
    As noted, I certainly could have gotten more out of it with more investment on my part.
    Marcel appeared to me always alert / fit, motivated, informed and committed. He is competent and thorough; due to his many years of experience in the field of weight training / nutrition / health, etc., he always points out perspectives and approaches in conversation that would certainly have been difficult to think of on one's own. Also, he never tires of pointing out the great effect of small changes that are followed in the long term.
    I can only fully recommend the mentoring!
    But you should be honest with yourself, clearly formulate your goals and keep them in mind - then nothing stands in the way of achieving satisfactory success!

    Man with six-pack flexing his biceps

    Alexander H.

What does the process look like?


Discovery Call

Book a call and I let you know how I can be of help and answer all your questions. Or you book the coaching package directly.

I will also test you for your work ethic. You need to be willing to change something, to put in the work and to be open to new input about fitness and health.



You will get a questionnaire from me, so I can make a complete analysis of you and know where you want to get to.

Everything will be considered and adjusted to your routines and life circumstances.



Once you join, time will only start with you having everything you need. I’ll give you the complete layout and go through it with you together.

Along our partnership we constantly adjust and I let you in step by step, changing your habits sustainable. Only needs your action from there.

My pricing and everything you get

No fixed contract, no durations and no annoying paperwork. You get 4 weeks of maximum coaching input from me and decide for yourself on the length of the coaching. Money back guarantee if you're not satisfied.
You have nothing to lose.


  • Extensive questionnaire to begin with
  • 24/7 flatrate for questions on Telegram, personal contact with me
  • Weekly checkups and feedbacks on everything, including your form in the gym, plus adjustments
  • Regular strategy calls for further elaborations and goal setting
  • Document database for improving every aspect of your life
  • Customized training routine to your needs, always know what to do and how, with instructions
  • Macros, meal plan examples and further nutritional advice with a recipe list, always know what to eat and what to avoid
  • Constant reminders from me to keep you accountable and motivated
  • Money back guarantee if dissatisfied

400 EUR/4 weeks

The only requirements are you having internet access, a mirror, a bodyweight scale and your willingness to change something. You will get extra motivation and reminders from me personally.

Are you ready to finally change your physique and level up your health?

During our call, we’ll discuss your current state, where you want to get to, what you have tried, and how I can help you to achieve your goals and even more.

Why trust me, who am I?

I’ve been in the sports and fitness industry for over 10 years, have been an athlete and coach at bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions, I am a licensed fitness trainer and have worked in gyms. I founded my own powerlifting club and advised and accompanied countless people to their fitness and health goals.

During this time I got to know the most different methods. I tried every trend out myself and went through my very own transformation, with a lot of trial and error. My approach involves German precision and efficiency, and you can always count on me.

You profit from these experiences, accompanied by a holistic approach in my coaching.

I will show you how to expand your consciousness, bring body, mind and soul into harmony, and what the best and most efficient way is to achieve your health goals.

Let me prove to you, based on my own transformation, that I know how fat loss and muscle building work, and what is all possible. Starting out at 17, doing a lot wrong in the beginning, believing in general fitness BS until finding finally the true path.

David's head with a carrot in his hand

Frequently Asked Questions

As stated, I have you fill out an extensive questionnaire and I already give you an overview of the apps we are working with and how you can contact me easy via Telegram, skipping the annoying and slow mails. There you can send me more information and I’ll ask for pictures of your training environment to set up your routine.
I will solve your problems and lay out the path for you to go, to achieve your physical and health goals. Everything fully customized and me taking you by hand and going along with you.

You can train wherever and even travel will be no hindrance, as I will help you organize a training possibility for that too. I always recommend a fully equipped gym, but I will setup a routine for you that is respecting your environment. Whether it be the living room, a home gym, or the visit to a gym. Only letting you do exercises, that you have access to.
And the routine considers your schedule. The goal is to enhance your life, making you mire vital and less stressed. The number of workouts is what you wish and what is realistic, also what will let you achieve your goal the best.

No, everything is structured as time and cost efficient as possible. If you wish to take it to the highest level, I will give you recommendations. But these are not a must, as a good transformation can be achieved with a good focus on the fundamentals. And if health issues are apparent, I will tell you what makes sense and what could speed up your recovery.
Most often a good structure will let you save more, as you know what to focus on and are able to cut out all the unnecessary junk from your life. The life quality added will be priceless.

That depends on your current situation and how much work you will put in yourself. It’s possible to already feel changes, whether it be sleep or the skin clearing up, after a week or few. You might also notice slight changes in your physique.
When it comes down to weight loss, 3 months is always a good time horizon to achieve significant visual changes. Look at my whole transformation. This is with errors, so it won’t take you 4 years for great changes, but still some time with a natural approach. Follow my structure to the tee, work hard and your transformation will be mind blowing and quick.

Write to me if you have any further questions

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